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Russell ETFs: Delivering the innovation investors have come to expect from Russell Investments

Since Russell Investments' inception in 1936, we have honed our expertise through nearly eight decades of market cycles. Russell now provides a comprehensive range of investment products and services to institutional, advisory and individual investor clients in more than 47 countries worldwide.

Exchange traded funds based on the Russell 1000® and Russell 2000® Indexes have been developed and offered to investors by other financial providers for more than a decade. As of 8/31/2011, 80 ETFs with approximately $75 billion in assets are based on Russell Indexes.

In May 2011, Russell launched its first wave of ETF products in the United States. Russell ETFs offer a range of unique market exposures that give investors new ways to construct portfolios based on their individual investment objectives and risk tolerances.

Exposure driven by insight™

Russell ETFs are built on Russell's insight that comes from extensive experience in three core areas:

  • Consulting and portfolio construction
    Our 40+ years of leadership in global consulting, dedication to custom investment solutions, and in-depth manager research capabilities give us deep insight into how to evaluate and construct investment portfolios.

  • Index leadership
    Over the last 25 years, Russell has led the market in index construction. Our indexes represent over 98% of the investable universe worldwide. We have leveraged our deep experience in this arena to create the new indexes on which we base our ETFs.

  • Portfolio implementation
    Our track record of implementing portfolios for institutional clients and helping people meet their financial goals drives our insight into specific and critical investor needs.

ETF Management: Deep industry experience and a history of innovation

Russell assembled a seasoned team of ETF veterans from firms across the industry to marshal their ETF expertise in this new venture.

When Russell appointed James Polisson as managing director of Russell's Global ETF business, Andrew Arenberg as managing director of Global ETF distribution, and Gregory Friedman as managing director of Global ETF Product, the firm brought together three ETF industry leaders who were instrumental in building Barclays Global Investors' iShares business. The team's deep experience and knowledge of the ETF industry guides their focus on delivering clearly differentiated market exposures to investors.

In addition to Polisson, Arenberg, and Friedman, the Russell ETFs team is comprised of a deep bench of other financial professionals and ETF industry veterans in Product Development, Marketing, Sales, and Operations. Together, the team aims to provide new and innovative products that help investors construct portfolios and manage risk.

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