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US Equity Indexes

A complete US market view

Leading US equity benchmarks for institutional investors

Since their launch in 1984, our US indexes — including the Russell 1000, Russell 2000 and Russell 3000 Indexes — have been widely adopted by institutional investors tracking current and historical market performance by specific market segment (large / mid / small cap) or investment style (growth / value / defensive / dynamic). Today, we continue to design index solutions that you can use with confidence as the foundation for your investment process.

Data and insights

Russell US indexes: Also leading with style

In 1987, based on research showing that major investing styles move in and out of favor over time, Russell Indexes developed separate benchmarks for tracking growth and value stocks. This ground-breaking innovation has now become industry standard. Today, FTSE Russell is the leading provider of comprehensive institutional style indexes. In addition to growth and value indexes, we offer defensive and dynamic indexes.

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Features and benefits

Comprehensive and representative
The Russell US indexes — including the Russell 1000, Russell 2000 and Russell 3000 Indexes — cover 98% of the US equity investable universe and include companies determined to be part of the US equity market according to Russell's robust country classification methodology.

Transparent and rules-based
Modular design makes FTSE Russell indexes practical and easy to use for both active and passive managers.

Completely objective
Industries and sectors are represented by a wide variety of securities, rather than samples found in other indexes.

Rigorously maintained
Indexes are updated quarterly and rebuilt annually to ensure that securities are included in the appropriate market cap and style index.

Industry-leading methodology
Many elements of Russell's index methodology are now considered industry standard, including float adjustment and multi-factor style.

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