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FTSE Russell for ETF Issuers

FTSE Russell is one of the worlds’ leading providers of indexes for ETFs, providing a comprehensive suite of issuer services encompassing index creation, research, and analytics for both indexes and ETFs.

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FTSE Russell indexes combine global expertise with local market knowledge to create a range of indexes across asset classes. To view our index range click here

Unique country classification system

The economic characteristics of many countries today place them in an “in-between” category – not clearly defined as an Emerging market country but not yet qualified as a Developed market. The Advanced Emerging and Secondary Emerging categories, which are unique to FTSE Russell, allow for further segmentation of the investing universe and provides added flexibility for portfolio design.


In order to ensure investability, FTSE Russell applies free float adjustment, liquidity screens and other investability measures to include only those securities typically considered by institutional investors.


Strong governance is central to the quality and integrity of your index. FTSE Russell has been committed to leading global best practice standards in index governance and has established a reputation for robust, rules-driven and relevant index construction.

Proactively maintained

FTSE Russell indexes are regularly reviewed and rebalanced to ensure they represent the true global opportunity set while balancing turnover

XTF: ETF Data and Analytics

XTF provides a comprehensive suite of reference and analytics data across Exchange Traded Products to help investors research and evaluate the multi-asset class US ETF market.

Our data and analytics are used by ETF issuers and investors for research, market analysis portfolio management and competitor monitoring.

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Product Specialists

We have a global team that will consult with your firm to design a world class index to serve as the foundation of your ETFs.

Americas: Kristen Mierzwa,

EMEA: Stephane Degroote,

Asia-Pacific: Sudir Raju,